Rajarshi Tandon Open University

The U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad, was established under Act No. 10/1999 passed by U.P.Legislature and assented to by the Governer of U.P. on March 24,1999. It is named after Bharat Ratna Rajarshi Purusottam Das Tandon ji, an illustrious son of Mother India.The University plans to provide access to higher education for large segments of population and, in particular, disadvantaged groups such as those living in remote and rural areas including working people, homemakers and other adults who wish to upgrade or acquire knowledge through studies. It will also make efforts to promote acquisition of knowledge in a rapidly developing and changing society and continually offer opportunity for upgrading knowledge, training and skills in the context or innovations, research and discovery in all fields of human endeavor.
The degrees, diplomas and other programmes offered by the university are dully recognized by joint committee of UGC, AICTE and DEC.U.P.Rajarshi Tandon Open University results are available on Indiaresults.com as well.
The U.P.Rajarshi Tandon Open University has established its study centre in the College. The centre offers a range of course for students, which is listed below. The students can choose subjects of their choice and explore their potential. 

  dk;ZØe dk uke vof/k ek/;e 'kqYd ;ksX;rk dk;ZØe dh izd`fr
1 ch-,-]ch-dkWe- rhu o"khZ; 3 o"kZ H/E 2600 10+2 okf"kZd iz.kkyh
2 ch-ch-,- rhu o"khZ; 3 o"kZ E 7200 10+2 lSes- iz.kkyh
3 ch-lh-,- 3 o"kZ E 9400 9400 lSes- iz.kkyh
4 iqLrdky; foKku esa Lukrd BLIS 1 o"kZ H/E 6200 Lukrd lSes- iz.kkyh
5 ch-,-,dy fo"k; 2 o"kZ H/E 2100 Lukrd okf"kZd iz.kkyh
6 ,e-,- lHkh fo"k; ,oa ,e- dkWe- 2 o"kZ H/E 5200 Lukrd okf"kZd iz.kkyh
7 iqLrdky; ,oa lwpuk foKku esa Luk- MLIS 1 o"kZ H 9400 BLIS lSes- iz.kkyh
8 i=dkfjrk esa LukrdksÙkj MJ 1 o"kZ H 420 Lukrd lSes- iz.kkyh
9 dEI;wVj vuq- esa LukrdksÙkj MCA 3 o"kZ E 13700 Lukrd lSes- iz.kkyh
10 fgUnh esa l`tukRed ys[ku esa LukrdksÙkj fMIyksek PGDCWH 1 o"kZ H 3100 Lukrd okf"kZd iz.kkyh
11 f'k{kk iz'kklu esa Luk- fM-PGDEA 1 o"kZ H 5700 Lukrd okf"kZd iz.kkyh
12 oksds'kuy xkbfM+x ,oa da= dkm- esa Luk fM- PGDVGCC 1 o"kZ H 3100 Lukrd okf"kZd iz.kkyh
13 iz;kstu ewyd fgUnh esa Luk fM-PGDFH 1 o"kZ H 3100 Lukrd okf"kZd iz.kkyh
14 i=dkfjrk esa Luk- fMiyksek PGDJMC 1 o"kZ H 4200 Lukrd lSes- iz.kkyh
15 vUrjkZ- ekdsZ vkSj bZ- fcusl esa Luk fM- PGDIMB 1 o"kZ E 4700 Lukrd lSes- iz.kkyh
16 dEI;wVj vuq- esa Luk- fMIyksek PGDCA 1 o"kZ E 13700 Lukrd lSes- iz.kkyh
17 dEI;wVj] dk;kZy; izca/ku DIC ,oa gkMZos;j rduhdh esa fMIyksek DCOM 1 o"kZ E 6200 10+2 lSes- iz.kkyh
18 DIC,DCOM,DIHT 1 o"kZ E/H 6200 10+2 lSes- iz.kkyh
19 LokLF; f'k{kk ,oa iks"k.k esa fMIyksek DHEN 1 o"kZ E 6200 10+2 okf"kZd iz.kkyh
20 xzkeh.k fodk; es fMIyksek DRD 1 o"kZ H/E 2500 10+2 okf"kZd iz.kkyh
21 Mk;VsfVDl ,oa U;wVªh'ku fMIyksek DCON 1 o"kZ H/E 3400 10+2 okf"kZd iz.kkyh
22 QS'ku fMtkbfuax es fMIyksek DFD 1 o"kZ E 4400 10+2 okf"kZd iz.kkyh
23 xkeh.k i=dkfjrk esa izek.k i= CRJMC 6 ekg H/E 4400 10 lSes- iz.kkyh
24 dEI;wVj es izek.k&i= CCC 6 ekg H/E 1600 10 lSes- iz.kkyh
25 i;ZVu v/;;u esa izek.k&i= CTS 6 ekg H/E 4200 10+2 lSes- iz.kkyh
26 f'k'kqikyu] miHkksDrk laj{k.k] ekuokf/kdkj] vkin izcU/ku] HIV ,oa ifjokj dY;k.k] ;ksx ,oa vijk/k 'kkL= esa izek.k&i= CCCN,CNF,CCP,CHR,CHIFE 6 ekg H/E 2200 10+2 lSes- iz.kkyh
27 efgyk l'kfDrdj.k ,oa fodkl 6 ekg H/E 1600 10+2 lSes- iz.kkyh

For further details contact
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Mucchal -------UPRTOU Coordinator