I welcome and appreciate the efforts of the Principal, Staff and Students of D. J. College in providing an environment to achieve national and international recognition.  I am happy to state that right from its inception, it has been striving to serve the cause for which it has been set up. Our thanks are to its Principal, faculty members and students for the success it has been achieving. In the period of forty seven years, the college has earned a place of pride.   Our college is student-focused and learner-centered institution. Our mission is to be an outstanding institution in the country and to widen the horizon of knowledge, skill development, self reliance and to empower as well as strengthen the ability of students in meeting new challenges. The College values student learning, critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, and an understanding of a globally-oriented world.
Through intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual development, D. J. College seeks to provide students with skills and strengths they will need in their roles as citizens, friends, parents, community leaders, employers, employees, teachers, and caring individuals.
Our education society is committed to provide an outstanding education that is current, relevant, and meaningful in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing global marketplace.

I wish, ‘Let us continue in building our nation’!

Jai Jinendra
Jinendra Kumar Jain