Programme Officer -Dr. Rajini Kashyap

Red Ribbon Club ,a movement started by the Government of India, is educational Institutions through which students will spread awareness over HIV/AIDS. The Red Ribbon foundation is an organization founded in 1993 whose main purpose is the education about prevention of Human Immune deficiency Virus or HIV; acquired deficiency syndrome related complex ARC & AIDS.

The significance of Red Ribbon Club in HIV/AIDS is:-

Red Like Love, as a symbol of passion & tolerance for those affected.
Red Like blood, representing the pain caused by many people who have AIDS.
Red Like the anger about the helplessness about which we are facing for a disease for which there is still not cure.
Red as a sign of warning not to carelessly ignore the biggest problem of our time.

The Red Ribbon is a symbol for both drug prevention and for fight against AIDS.
The role of the RRC in education Institution is to educate youth with correct , concise & adequate information and heighten their level of awareness about HIV/AIDS/STI/sexuality and other related issues (thus eliminate myths & misconceptions). To enable youth to identify and understand situations of exploitation and abuse.

To sensitize the youth regarding care & support of PL WHA and instill in them the sprit of helping and supporting the people living with HIV/AIDS(PL WHA) & reduce he sigma and discrimination against them.

Apart from this Red Ribbon Club aims at harnessing the potential of the youth by equipping them with correct information on mental health, substance abuse, nutrition and reproductive sexual health & building their capacities as per educator in spreading massager on positive healthy behavior in an enabling environment.

Red Ribbon Club has been established in this Institution in the session 2013-14; under national AIDS control society. In this session Institution enrolls 55 students. All 55 students are the member of the club. Red Ribbon Club conducts the regular activities, encourage voluntary blood donation & Increase awareness on AIDS & its related issues.

The Main objective of the Red Ribbon Club is to encourage students to take up various activities such as:
      • Awareness programmer on HIV/AIDS.
      • Voluntary non- remunerated blood donation.
      • Poster making/Slogan writing competitions.
      • Skits, declamation contest, Essay writing quiz etc.
      • Rally creating awareness in society.

For major programmes were organized in the college under the banner of Red Ribbon Club. Two rallies, one for creating awareness of HIV/AIDS in the society and another for creating awareness and importance of blood donation was conducted along the various roots of the town in the Journey 24-01-2014, which was ended in the blood donation camp.
Poster making and slogan writing competition was held in the institution.

The Themes /Topic were Blood donation, Stop AIDS, HIV/AIDS(Prevention, treatment& Care), Drug abuse.

An orientation programme was conducted as the part of the Red Ribbon Club activities. The guest lecture was delivered by Dr. Harish Viskwakarma (MBBS, M.D.) on HIV/AIDS. A quiz competition was organized in the college officer. The themes/topics were HIV/AIDS(causes, prevention, treatment & care) RRC club members participated in the quiz. An interactive session on personal hygiene and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS (prevention, treatment & quiz) was also organized in which the person from the audience raised questions, the experts, gave their solutions.

Red Ribbon Club :