It gives me immense pleasure to announce the opening of the website for the D.J.College. It fulfils our long cherished desire. As per UGC guidelines, website is a pre-requisite of e-governance in the institution of higher learning. Now the Website opens the floodgate of information about the college. Anyone sitting in the cozy atmosphere of his drawing room in any part of the globe can download the information about the faculty, library, sports are available in this premier institution and any other information about the college
The college at present offers Post graduate courses in 10 disciplines such as Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Geography, History, Psychology, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and under graduate courses are offered in 06 disciplines such as Commerce, Statistics, B.Ed., Drawing and Painting, Political Science and Sports & Physical Education. Thirteen departments have been approved for research. We have fully equipped laboratories and library.
For the overall personality development of the students our college provides a range of activities like sports, NSS, Rovers & Rangers. There are a number of subject societies and clubs like Red Ribbon Club where students get enough opportunities to develop the different faculties of their personality. New initiatives and efforts are being made to further strengthen the infra-structure of the college. To shape the destiny of the students and to ensure their bright future parents like teachers have a very important role to play. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are conscientiously engaged in equipping the students with knowledge and skills. The esteemed management of our college is very cooperative in desired matters which enable us to run the activities of college smoothly. Supportive staff of the institution is also playing a very important role for the upliftment of the institution. Our aim is to provide quality education to our students and to update their knowledge and skills to enable them to catch up with the competitive world.
 I wish the website would benefit the academic, students and the people in general around us to a great extent.

God bless you.
Dr. Virendra Singh