Welcome to College Library, “A Learning Centre -- bringing quality educational products and services to teachers and students”.
Containing a wealth of endless knowledge and information, the library of the college, is well stocked. It contains numerous books pertaining to the course curriculum, as well as to certain general interest areas. It is playing a crucial role in inculcating reading habits among students. The library subscribes to various international and national Periodicals (journals, magazines) and news papers. Students may borrow books from the library against the Library Cards. They may read various newspaper and journals in the reading room of the library. The furnishings of the library also lend to academic knowledge promoting aspect, which inculcates among the students and faculty, the desire to learn more. The college library also strives to constantly upgrade and add on to its collections. The college library has a big reading room for the students and its employee. The library is equipped with INFLIBNET. The Library is being headed experienced Librarian Mr. Denesh Kumar Jain.
Details of Library: It is spacious and well - ventilated reading room having area of 7000 sq.ft. Total Seating capacity is 250. Library functions are computerized. Library timings:10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

The current status of the material available in the library is as follows:

Description Number
Books 83, 433
Periodicals 62
News papers 25

College Library :